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Did you see anything that violates the rules of operation, content, GDPR, or copyright infringement? Do not let it go. We are close to you and to this. Make your reference now!

Easy.gr works hard to ensure that all domains registered through us are complying with our Registration Agreement. In order to quickly and efficiently investigate this complaint, please fill out the form below. Please note that while we are happy to review any claim that a domain is violating our Registration Agreement, we do reserve the right to judge the appropriate response in our sole discretion.

Average response time 48 hours. Once you send an abuse report through one of the listed communication channels, the abuse reports will become available to our staff in a centralized ticket system where all abuse reports are stored.
All abuse reports send to us, and our responses are logged and stored for a minimum of five years. 

Complaints about your provider Complaints about your rprovider, you can issue at the forms below.
Received complaints will be evaluated by Easy.gr. You will receive a confirmation of receipt. The complaint will be forwarded to the provider of your domains(s). If the complaint is justified, we will instruct the provider to comply with the ICANN and registries regulations. In case the complaint is not justified, not relevant or not within our competence, we will send a rejection and/or a referral to the competent parties for this particular matter. Additional information for registered domain name holders

The registered domain name holders rights and responsibilities are defined by the ICANN and are listed at their Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities page. More details about the role of the registrar, domain names and domain renew are available at the ICANN Registrant Educational Materials page. The Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement are also listed on the ICANN site
Security & Abuse Policy As one of the largest Greek domain name registrars,  Easy.gr is dedicated to improve the security of the Internet. We seriously examine reports of abuse; we act conscientiously and take bad actors offline. Protecting the interests of the internet community is a job that we take very seriously.
Auto-renewal and deletion policy Upon reaching the expiry date, domains of ICANN registry are going to automatically be renewed, provided the Easy.gr customer, whether acting in its capacity as reseller or not, has sufficient funds in its account for renewal. Or, unless the Easy.gr customer, whether acting in its capacity as reseller or not, has set the auto renew setting to false. Registered domain name holders should check the policy of their respective domain name (and hosting) provider.
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We'll fully investigate your report of abuse, however, we don't send out notifications of the outcome of our investigation.