SMS promotions

SMS Campaigns

The ultimate promotion tool for any business.
Reliability and low prices.

  • Dynamic management system
  • Immediacy
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Low prices

Prices excludes VAT 24%

Unique amenities, unlimited possibilities!

  • International Coverage

    You can send messages to more than 190 countries on more than 400 networks
  • Full History

    Full history of all SMS shipments per recipient.
  • Scheduled - Repeat submissions

    Schedule SMS shipments at any time of day and repeat them whenever and wherever you like.
  • Portability capability

    Recipients will receive your message even if they have ported their number to another network.

Specs of the SMS!

  • Simple SMS

    SMS with maximum 158 characters (including  the spaces).
  • Long SMS

    It consists of two or more consecutive SMS messages that are automatically separated.
  • Personalized SMS

    Allows you to include personalized information for each recipient, such as its name.
  • Dynamic Sender

    You can set the sender of the message before each sending

Note: Easy SMS supports and can transmit all Unicode characters, including Greek, with 158 characters / SMS.

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